The BEST Steak

Succulent Beef Cheeks with Mashed Potatoes
March 28, 2020


  • Your Chosen cut of Steak (we love Chuck!)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Whatever Vegies or Sides you may like to accompany your meat.


Now this best steak cut will certainly be influenced by personal taste. Some people love a good T-Bone, others can’t go past a good bit of Rump Steak, and others really are keen on Eye Fillet or Rib Fillet.
Some can’t beat a nice easy eating steak sandwich made with minute Steak from Topside. And our daughter said please Mum tell them about Chuck Steak. Whatever cut you’ve chosen to cook, respect it. And Steak is more than just throwing it on the BBQ and then cooking for 3 minutes and plating it up. It’s so many more factors than just that.

So this is for her. The forgotten favourite – Chuck Steak. It’s really nice served with baked potato, mushroom sauce and an optional green salad.

Pre Prep

1. Firstly bring whatever steak cut you’ve chosen to room temperature. (This is important as starting temperature does impact on tenderness).
2. Meanwhile think about how you’re going to cook it. Is it on the BBQ (that’s smokin’ hot), is it on the Fry Pan inside, is it on the Air Fryer, is it in the oven, is it on the grill plate, is it over an open fire with a makeshift hotplate???? Whatever you choose it needs to be smoking hot.
3. What are you serving with it? Is it on it’s own (with just a bit of salt & pepper) to shine like the star it is, or is it with a hearty potato bake and roast veges, or is it with salad/s on a hot day? Or is it part of a steak sandwich with onions and fried egg and lashings of mustard & mayonnaise and sauce? Whatever is going with your steak needs to be prepared fully before starting to cook the steak (except the fried egg, which you can cook while the steak rests).
4. Does your steak need a sauce or gravy? Prepare it before cooking the steak.
5. So the steak is now at room temperature 100%. Once at Room temperature, put a bit of whatever your cooking oil choice is on it, and massage it in. Treat the steak nice.
Then a fair crack of pepper is good, also massage it in.
And you’ve decided to cook it on the BBQ (as that’s less washing up).

6. Actual Cooking

So BBQ experts step up! Get it smoking hot, then with all your needed things closeby, place the steak on the BBQ. Now this is important: do not let the steaks touch each other. If touching they are high risk to stew each other!
If cooking more than 1, consider stopping at 2 at a time on the plate. This will allow the hotplate to stay smoking hot. Put your tongs away and turn on the timer. Turn the steak ONLY once (and use tongs as anything else will pierce the meat allowing juices to escape), the length of time depends entirely on how you want it cooked. Watch the steak, don’t get side-tracked. No this isn’t the time to leave it for another beverage.
This could be a guide only (Please pay attention as there’s only a few minutes between rare and well done). Also please note that different BBQ’s/stoves/pans/etc will vary with the temperature that they get to.

Blue 54 degrees celsius: approx. 30 seconds to 1 minute each side until just the outside is cooked.
Rare 57degrees celsius: 1 - 2 minutes each side for a 2cm thick steak
Medium Rare 63 degrees celsius: 2 - 3 minutes each side for a 2cm thick steak
Medium 71 degrees celsius: 3 minutes each side for a 2 cm thick steak
Medium Well 71 - 75 degrees celsius 3 – 3 1/2 minutes each side for a 2cm thick steak
Well done: 75 degrees celsius: Use 4 minutes per side as a guide, but please don’t burn it!

7. Resting

The best things in life are followed by a rest, so let your cooked steak rest too before you eat it! For resting please ensure it is separated from the other steaks, by this I mean don’t stack them up and expect the bottom steak not to have cooked a lot more by the time it’s served. Cover with foil while resting, and rest on the bench away from the heat.
Rest at room temperature for at least 5 minutes, and ideally half the cooking time. So if it’s been cooked for 5 minutes total time, then rest time should be approx. 7.5 minutes. But again this time is flexible.

"The best things in life are followed by a rest, so let your cooked steak rest too before you eat it!"