Our Beef

Why order from us?

You are supporting a small family owned business directly and reducing the ‘middle-man’ that is present in other production lines. By limiting the area that we deliver to we endeavour to reduce the food miles that your beef travels before it gets to your kitchen for you to prepare. Our cattle are grass fed, and grass finished, meaning that no grain is in their system throughout their lifetime. This ensures flavourful beef on your plate the way that nature intended.

All the cattle used in our Paddock to Plate business are bred and raised 100% on our family property, using humane and ethical cattle handling practices, and animal husbandry techniques.

Our contact with our cattle is a daily occurrence, so they are well used to us and all that occurs on our farm. Our cattle are managed through grazing them across many paddocks on our farm, with regular movements of our cattle herd. We work hard to ensure that the land on our farm is managed appropriately and with care to ensure that it is improving each season. Our emphasis is on optimising grass coverage of our land to regenerate the soil under the grass.

What cut is what?

Below are some of the more popular beef cuts we prepare. It is important to note that we try to minimise waste where possible ensuring that the whole animal can be used. Our recipes page has some great ideas for cooking the cuts, we would love to see your own
#LeafdaleSpringsBeefRecipes too!

Download our guide to beef cuts, and cooking methods.


Testimonials from happy customers

Steph Cordery


If you're after tasty grass fed beef, look no further! Tuny and Steve are your dream team and we feel very lucky to be able to get their beef. It's obvious that they care about their cattle every step of the way. Thanks guys!

Gillian Baker-Murphy


Fantastic service with delivery to Brisbane. Great communication. Great quality meat. Love being able to support farmers directly.