Our Story

Leafdale Springs Beef is a family run small business. Our journey started when we moved to the South Burnett and bought a farm...

The story of Leafdale

How we came to be

Leafdale Springs Beef was established in 2014, in the South Burnett, QLD. Initially we grew out steers and sold them to feedlots supplying meat for Coles and Woolworths. This journey showed us that we had a disconnect with the destination of our product, and never really knew who our customers were, or what they thought of our product. Also despite our efforts to produce grass fed beef, this was changed the minute that the cattle entered the feedlot and were started on a mixed feedlot ration containing grain.

Wanting to know the animals through the whole life cycle and ensure customers had the option to have true grass fed beef, led us to start breeding our own cattle in 2016. Appreciating grass fed beef ourselves, and wanting others to also appreciate the benefits of grass fed beef led us to investigate and commence offering our beef through a Paddock to Plate business. So our Paddock to Plate business started busily setting up in December 2018, with first orders having gone out in January 2019.

Our cattle are bred and raised on farm.
The only exception is our bull which has been sourced from reputable breeders of Speckle Park cattle.

Temperament (or quietness of an animal) is an essential part of our business.
Our handling of young cattle as they are weaned from their mothers is very regular, and this is to encourage them to interact safely with us and our children, as well as them getting to know farm routines and remain calm and relaxed throughout. We are a small family owned business, and involve our children in the mustering, handling, and day to day cattle work, and farm work.


Testimonials from happy customers

Steph Cordery


If you're after tasty grass fed beef, look no further! Tuny and Steve are your dream team and we feel very lucky to be able to get their beef. It's obvious that they care about their cattle every step of the way. Thanks guys!

Gillian Baker-Murphy


Fantastic service with delivery to Brisbane. Great communication. Great quality meat. Love being able to support farmers directly.