Terms & Conditions

Orders & Payment

We value all our customers and welcome you to discuss any concerns prior to placing your order. We have a firm policy of once an order is locked in, cuts can’t be changed.
Our beef is grown, handled and packed to ensure quality. Refunds will not be available due to personal preferences such as taste, and appearance. Correct storage, preparation and cooking of meat remains the customers responsibility.
Payment by customers is expected 2 days before delivery by direct deposit. Due to the tight turnaround timeframe of supply of meat weights to delivery time, payment by customers is expected to be prompt.
We will not deliver any meat packs to anyone on a pay later plan.
If there is an issue at our end and the delivery cannot proceed, then this payment will be fully refunded.
We do not offer a returns policy if you change your mind on the purchase of your meat pack after it is in your hands for any reason. If you have feedback on your ordered meat pack then please contact us directly.
If you are unsure about something as you are placing your order, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will answer your query.
For ½ & full orders a 50% deposit is due when order is confirmed, with remainder payable 2 days prior to delivery. If orders can not be met by Leafdale Springs deposits will be fully refunded. No refunds due to customers change of mind or circumstance.
For regions with multiple orders a central collection point may be nominated. Orders collected from collection points will be notified prior. For collection point orders it is customers responsibility to transport and store meat in appropriate conditions.
Whilst all endeavours will be made to meet order deadlines, there may be rare occurrences where demand outstrips supply. Grass fed beef requires additional time to gain weight when compared to feed-lot ration fed cattle. This process means that the cattle are allowed to reach optimal weight in a natural timeframe without undue pressures but may result in orders being delayed.
Customers will be notified in a reasonable timeframe if orders can not be met.

Shipping/Delivery Policy

Free delivery is available to addresses within areas inclusive of South Burnett, Dalby, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Northern Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Wide Bay area and suburbs. Deliveries outside of these areas will incur a small delivery fee that will be charged in addition to the price of your beef pack. Please contact Leafdale Springs Beef for delivery rates outside of the listed regions. Delivery will occur at the next available and practical delivery date.
Prior to delivery Leafdale Springs Beef will be in contact with customers with a copy of the invoice. This invoice will also confirm your delivery address and give an indication of delivery time. This delivery time will be updated on delivery day via text message depending on traffic and road conditions. This will allow you to make arrangements for either yourself or a nominated person to be available to receive your beef delivery.
If the customer fails to attend the address at the agreed delivery time to receive the beef delivery, it will be returned to Top of the Town Meat Hall, Murgon for overnight storage, and contact will be made with the customer. The delivery will then be shipped at full customer’s expense to the customer’s address.
Customers need to understand that if ordering a ¼ size pack, the other ¾ needs to be sold to other customers before an animal will be processed. This is to avoid waste of unsold meat as it is delivered fresh, not frozen; and is to respect the fact that grass fed cattle take time to reach processing weight. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to vehicle breakdown, traffic accident, or severe weather) during delivery, Leafdale Springs Beef will contact customers immediately to make alternative delivery arrangements.
While we endeavour to deliver our own beef packs to our customers, there may be extenuating circumstances where this is impossible and an external courier will be contracted by ourselves to do the delivery on our behalf. Customers will be made aware if this is to occur.

Customer's Responsibility

It is a customer’s responsibility to be present at their nominated delivery address at the agreed time of delivery in order for the delivery to occur. On delivery it is necessary for the customer to check that they have received the specified number of delivery boxes as per their invoice. It is the customer’s responsibility once delivery has occurred to ensure that they appropriately store their unboxed beef pack in their freezer for longer term storage or in the refrigerator for short term storage.
Customers are also responsible for moving all beef items within their freezer every 24 hours until fully frozen, to ensure even freezing, and to avoid them freezing together.
Customers are also responsible to ensure that they have a suitable amount of room in their refrigerator to store Corned Silverside for a further 3 days from date of delivery to allow the corning process to complete at fridge temperature. Once this time has elapsed, customers are advised to then transfer their corned Silverside to the freezer for longer term storage.

Refund Policy

Leafdale Springs Beef packs and products are non-refundable. All beef packs are checked for quality assurance before being delivered.
If there are any concerns customers are advised to directly contact us at tunyandsteve@aapt.net.au with your issue in writing, and we will investigate. We are unable to offer a refund based on the subjective status of meat. This may be affected by storage, thawing, incorrect cut chosen for a particular cooking method, insufficient cooking time, overcooking, crowding of a fry pan or hotplate, overturning the steak, insufficient resting time, and a myriad of other factors completely unknown to the seller Leafdale Springs Beef.
There naturally can and will be differences between different animals in eating and flavour of the meat when consumed throughout different times of the year.

Modifications to Service and Prices

Leafdale Springs Beef prices for our beef packs are based on a $/kg rate overall, hereafter called the base rate. The base rate is subject to change at any time.
If a boned out 1/4 , ½ or whole size pack returns a meat yield weight of 40 to 50kg (1/4), 80 to 100kg (1/2), and 160 to 200kg (whole); customers need to note that these weights are a guide only of meat weights, suitable for budgeting purposes and planning of freezer space. The actual weight of meat yield can and does vary, however will still only be charged out at the advised base rate at the time of placing your order.
Our add on products such as bones (marrow, pet (large & small), soup bones), offal, pet mince and beef fat are charged out at unit prices per item, with an approximate weight per the whole beast weight. Eg if ordering ¼ size pack and you order dog bones as well, only ¼ of the whole available bones would be available to go with your pack.
Add on products can only be ordered with a beef pack and are not offered individually for purchase.
Offal is limited per beast, and some offal such as Tongue, Oxtail, and Skirt Steak is unable to be split 4 ways eg for a ¼ size order. In this instance we offer these items of offal as a whole, on a first ordered basis, and some customers may therefore miss out. This is unavoidable.
Items such as Kidneys may be split 2 ways, and items such as Liver and Heart may be split 4 ways. All offal is charged out at unit price per item, divided if it has been portioned into 2 or 4 portions.
If a customer has a specific request regarding a cut being prepared a different way, we will offer honesty after consulting with our butcher as to what is possible. Some requests simply may not be possible due to practical reasons.
Please note meat weights for ordering are estimates only. Eg you’d like your roasts to come in 2kg sizes only. Once the beef is cryovacced by our butcher, it will not be modified and a requested 2kg roast may come as a 1.9kg roast or a 2.1kg roast. You will still only be charged the base price per kg that you receive.

Wholesale Meat Supply vs Retail

We routinely offer packs in bulk size of ¼, ½ or whole size packs. If you are seeking less than a minimum ¼ size pack we encourage you to team up with a friend for a 1/8 each. This is possible. If wanting just 2 grass fed beef steaks and not a minimum order size, please support your local butcher as this is more a retail request.

Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse an order if we are unable to supply due to drought conditions or stock condition. In these instances, forward orders can be taken, with contact with customers occurring when supply is available again.
We also reserve the right to refuse, at our discretion, to supply bulk orders above and beyond, where we have suspicion that these orders are being on-sold at a marked up price through dealers, resellers or distributors. We have created our business to eliminate as much as possible the “middle-man” making a quick dollar at the expense of the producer, and enable us to connect directly with our customers.


Invoices are created once we receive boned out meat weights from our butcher. This may not be until the evening before the proposed delivery day. Invoices are sent out via email, text or messenger, and need to be paid in full before meat packs will be delivered. Payment is preferred via direct debit, quoting invoice reference number and your surname.


Leafdale Springs Beef business is accredited by Safe Foods Queensland, and our accreditation number is 125535000. Our Business is run by SJ & TM Troeth, ABN 27 163 645 855, from “Leafdale Springs” 23 Fairdale Road, LEAFDALE QLD 4606. Phone 0458 020 519